Monorail Spinner Hanger Machine with Blow Off Zone and Job Manipulator

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Monorail Spinner Hanger Machine is a standard spinner hanger monorail machine but with a blow off zone and job manipulator. The another marvel created by SÛR' FIS KLENZ. The machine can be configured with 2 wheels or more than than 2 depending upon the job profile and size. The machine provides the advantage of both blasting and dust blow off simultaneously. The hanger are mounted at fixed pitch onto the hanger. During the job movement cycle a freshly loaded hanger enters the blasting chamber while the which has already been blasted enters the blow off chamber. In the blow off chamber the air knife blows air at high velocity which in turns cleans the components of any residual media or dust. On the loading area of the machine there is an hydraulic loader which is used by the operator for loading heavy components onto the hanger. 


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