As the demand for lighter and more fuel efficient systems, higher load carrying capacities of vehicle is increasing, engineers and designers are using better alloys and specialized material. In addition to this Shot peening has proven to be a very effective means to enhance the fatigue strength and load carrying capacity of highly stressed components allowing the further reduction of weight by using parts designed with less mass, but enhanced with improved fatigue properties. To cater to industries requiring professionally outsourced Shot Peening Services, a new vertical has been launched in the form of” PEENTECH ADVANCE LLP” in the year 2015 -16

The company's expertise include

  • Fatigue Enhancement
  • Surface Preparation
  • Third party Residual Stress Measurement
  • Component development requiring shot peening

Why Subcontract Shot Peening? Shot Peening process is highly skilled process and requires dedication and technical knowhow, by outsourcing Shot Peening it allows you to achieve your Shot Peening requirements in addition to:-

  • Reducing your capital investment
  • Requiring a smaller workforce
  • Ensuring that the Shot Peening parameters are satisfied & delivered on time without any involvement from the client

PEENTECH ADANCE LLP has the capability and credibility of shot peening parts varying from transmission gears, cylinder liners, shafts, crown wheel and pinions, PTO gears, differential gears. With ON TIME delivery along with “ZERO” rejection rates, PEENTECH ADVANCE LLP strives for excellence.

PEENTECH ADVANCE LLP caters to direct clients such as

  • Sona Comstar
    Sona Comstar
  • The Hi-Tech
    The Hi-Tech
  • Mahindra CIE
    Mahindra CIE

  • caterpillarlogo
  • Cummins
  • DANA Logo
  • John Deere
  • Mahindra Cie
  • Navistar
  • RACL
  • Sona
  • Tech Gears
  • ZF

PEENTECH ADVANCE LLP Subcontract Shot Peening Centre is located at “HSIIDC Bawal, Haryana”.

For More information:

Call: 9717516566

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Address: Peentech Advance LLP

Plot no. 237, sector 3, HSIIDC Growth Center, Bawal

Haryana. Pincode - 123 501