SÛR' FIS KLENZ possesses the knowledge and experience to rehabilitate your old equipment to its original operational state but to also make significant improvements that enable you to become more profitable through the introduction of new technology.

Table Type Machine The machine was completely worn out from the inside.The machine had punctures throught the body. All the Mn lining and rubber lining had got torn or punctured. The Mn table top was also was also punctured along with the main table.
We spend time to understand your challenges and provide the latest technology solutions to upgrade and modernise your equipment so that you can meet your customers' needs whilst cost effectively extending the lifespan of your current investment.

Before                                                                                               After


Before                                                                                               After


All the punctures in the body where sealed with M/S plate. The inside of the machine body was relined with Mn lining and rubber lining wherever required. The blasting wheel was also replaced. Both the tables alongwith there table top where replaced with Mn table top.

Door Type Spinner Hanger Machine 

This 2 wheel spinner hanger machine was in a deplorable condition and was given an extended life by SÛR' FIS KLENZ by doing a complete rehabilitation program for the machine. The machine had lot of leakage issues and blasting issues. The earlier wheel installed in this machine was a belt driven 300 dia wheel. This wheel was replaced with direct drive 300 dia wheel. The machine was again relined with suitable rubber and Mn lining wherever required.

Before                                                                                               After


Before                                                                                                After



Quadramtic Table Type Shot Peening Machine This one wheel shot peening machine was running in a gear manufacturing plant but always had performance issues. The vibrator was mounted on the top of the machine and the maintainence of the same was difficult and also it was dangerously mounted with no sufficient support. SÛR' FIS KLENZ used their expertise in shot peening and replace the same with a 36 inch floor mounted double deck vibro screen. The control panel was also replaced with a new control panel with all the latest instrumentation like wheel rpm check, ampere control and check ,table rpm chk in the MMI. The drives where also properly synchronized for giving the proper RPM at the set frequency. The peening wheel which was earlier a unidirectional wheel was replaced with a bidirectional wheel.

Before                                                                                              After