The Company values its relationships with prospective Applicants, Clients, Lessees and Borrowers (Users), and we hold all information of Users in confidence.


We are committed to providing site users with a secure and confidential environment, one that respects the users' right to privacy and security to the fullest extent provided by our technology. We fully recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of all users.


Accordingly, we will not use information that you provide us via the site, telephone call, email or in person to send users unsolicited communication, nor will such information be sold, traded, or shared with any third party, including advertisers, organizations, or other users, with the following specific exceptions:


• When contacting us via the site, telephone, email or in person, you will be subscribed to our newsletter and other Surfis Klenz (India) Pvt. Ltd.  product specific email communications. These communications will not be from a third-party, and you will be given the opportunity to unsubscribe in every marketing email communication you will receive. Once you have unsubscribed, the email address used will no longer receive marketing communications from Surfis Klenz (India) Pvt. Ltd.

• Information you provide to us via our website with other entities in such instances where the Company is legally or contractually required to do so for the purpose of issuing credit;

• Information you provide to us via our website where the Company is required to share with lenders and leasing plan participants for the purpose of granting credit to users;

• Information about an applicant or client used by the Company in the course of dealings with that user outside the website, such as Customer Service or Credit Processing, including phone, letter, and/or in person;

• Information that the Company in good faith determines must be disclosed to correct what we believe to be false or misleading information or to address activities that we believe to be manipulative or deceptive;

• Comments you provide regarding this site and its contents may be used without limitation.


With use of the system, we automatically capture the IP address and host name (if available) of the user's originating server. The IP address identifies the computer from which a user is accessing the Company’s website, but does not reveal any personal information about the user. To improve the quality of our site and enhance its many features, our site does collect data about site traffic and page use. Our site does track the type of browsers that visit and how often, and in what sequence, our pages are viewed. From time to time the Company may publish information about activity on our site using aggregated information that will not include the identities of users.